Thursday, October 24, 2013


Every year, for as long as I can relember, my Grandma told me the same story on my birthday.  Before she lived in Boise, she would come visit us every October and tell me the story in person.  Afterwards, as I grew and moved (and even when I was on my mission), she would phone me up and say:

"I flew through a blizzard.  I flew through a blizzard to be with you when you were born."

I was born in North Dakota emphasis on the North in late October.  Grandma Ev had lived most of her life, save for a few war years in the Seattle area, in California.  She could have flown through a blizzard, or it could have just been snowing when she arrived.  I can't be sure, I wasn't born yet.

"I have pictures, Ranee.  Proof that I took care of you.  There's a picture of the day I arrived, my hair was set and in place.  I was rested."

If she remembered where the pictures were, she would dig them out an show them to me.

"And look at this one.  The day I left.  I have bags under my eyes, my hair is a mess.  All of that from nights up with you!"

In my youth I couldn't really tell a difference, but I would nod and agree with her.  Though now I fully blame the 3 year old twins that were also in the house.  They had to be a HANDFUL.

It's been six years since Grandma Ev called me on my birthday.  I miss that call.  And I miss her.

For the record, I've no idea if the top photo is me or Bobby.  Classic middle child.  The oldest are the twins and the youngest is the boy, TONS of photos of both of them.  Not a lot of me.  But let's just pretend it's me, kay?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Unseen wishes

You said you never wanted to talk to me again.  I respect that.  By writing this, I'm not looking to reconcile.  It's just that sometimes I think of you.  And wish you a happy birthday.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Slug Nun Blue!

So I served a mission in Spain years ago.  When you spend all day, every day, walking the streets of Spain you find ways to entertain yourself.  Some missionaries would challenge each other to incorporate some random word in the next conversation they had with someone. (For example, let's say you're challenged to use the word "alligator."  The next person you talk to you need to find a way to make the word alligator fit into the conversation.  You can't just say:  Alligator!  You have to say something like, "I have a pet alligator at home.")

One thing that I did was play "Slug Nun." It's just like "Slug Bug" but instead of slugging your neighbor when you see a VW Bug (I don't think I saw a single VW Bug while in Spain) you slug your neighbor when you see a nun.  You also have to name the color of the nun.  In this case it would be 2 "Slug Nun Blue"s.  Also, this is the first time I've seen a nun since moving to Washington.  It was super cool.  Their habits were gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sowing the seeds...


Melissa sent me some seeds so I could grow my own butter lettuce.

Denise, at work, walked me through planting instructions.

And now...we wait.

Saturday, July 14, 2012



One of my favorite things to do in New York is see shows.

I saw Newsies with Evan Kasprzak and Alex Wong, two of my favorites from seasons five and four of So You Think You Can Dance, respectively.  I really liked the movie when it came out.  Honestly, there are few musicals I don't like - I have absolutely no issue with people breaking into song mid-conversation as that's what I almost always want to do anyway.   What you don't see in the above linked clip from the Broadway show is how much one of the actors spit when he spoke and sang.  It was a consistent spray.  I felt bad for the  other actors.  What you DO see in that clip is just how graceful Alex Wong is.  The other dancers are great, but Alex has such grace and stage was fantastic to see! (And yes, that IS Batman in the movie clip.)  

I also saw Harvey at Studio 54.  It was very good.  I was really surprised by it.  There are very few members of the cast.  There is no singing, no dancing.  Just some pretty darn good acting.

After the show I happened upon the stage door and snapped this photo for Kendra.  

One of my favorite things in the Theater District:  Shake Shack.  The Great White Way is still delicious.  The roasted peach shake reminded me of eating fresh peaches and cream in Grandma's kitchen in Fresno.  And, as luck would have it, I was there for the corn dogs!  They only serve them 3 days a year:  July 3 - 5th.  Oh was it good.  YUM!

Thursday, July 12, 2012



Within days of my return from New York the last time I was there, I found out about the Highline.  

I was so sad that I hadn't known that it existed.  So visiting Highline was one of my top priorities for this trip.  

It is an abandoned above ground rail line that has been converted into a public park.  It is gorgeous and peaceful.  

 Covered with foliage and boasting great views of both the city and the Hudson River. 


There were a lot of people visiting the night I was there, but it didn't seem that way at all.
And just below the Highline is Chelsea Market.  Not at all like Pike Place Market.  Which is not a bad thing.